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[Help-nano] replace in the comand shell - android

From: lala1
Subject: [Help-nano] replace in the comand shell - android
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 23:48:13 +0200



I have a htc magic smartphone with android. I need to change the password of the w-lan I use in school in the wpa_supplicant.conf.

The problem is that I must change the password directly in the command shell of my phone.


The nano version, that’s installed on my phone is: GNU nano version 2.0.9

When I open the wpa_supplicant.conf it looks like this:


# nano wpa_supplicant.conf


nano wpa_supplicant.conf

←[1;24r←[0;10m←[4l←[?7h←[?25h←[?0c←[H←[J←[0;10;7m  GNU nano 2.0.9           File: wpa_supplicant.conf                            ←[3;1H←[0;10mctrl_int

←[6dnetwork={←[7ssid="Wireless II"←[8;9Hpsk="XXX"←[9;9Hproto=WPA←[10;9Hkey_mgmt=WPA-PSK←[11;9Hgroup=CC

←[12d}←[14network={←[15ssid="tripwireconnected"←[16;9Hpsk="XXX"←[17;9Hproto=WPA←[18;9Hkey_mgmt=WPA-PSK←[19;9Hgroup=CCMP TKIP←[20;9Hpriority=

←[23d^G←[0;10m Get Help  ←[0;10;7m^O←[0;10m WriteOut  ←[0;10;7m^R←[0;10m Read File ←[0;10;7m^Y←[0;10m Prev Page ←[0;10;7m^K←[0;10m Cut Text  ←[0;10;7m

←[24d←[0;10;7m^X←[0;10m Exit←[14G←[0;10;7m^J←[0;10m Justify   ←[0;10;7m^W←[0;10m Where Is  ←[0;10;7m^V←[0;10m Next Page ←[0;10;7m^U←[0;10m UnCut Text←

←[3d0;7m^T←[0;10m To Spell


There are two of my wifi-confituration showed, but the one, that I must change not.


I really don’t know what to do. (it’s a wonder, that I came so far)

I’m thankful if you could help me step for step to solve my problem.


Best regards



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