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[Help-nano] Spell Checker Under Windows: Please Help

From: John Goche
Subject: [Help-nano] Spell Checker Under Windows: Please Help
Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2009 15:30:50 +0100


I have downloaded the nano text editor (a clone of the former
pico text editor that used to be distributed with pine, an
internet mail program and newgroup reader developed at
the University of Washington). I have downloaded nano from:

I have downloaded the zip file containing the Windows
executable file. On the nano main screen, in the lower
left hand corner appears the [^T To Spell] option to run
the spell checker. However when I press CTRL-T the
response on the bottom of the screen is:

[ Error writing temp file: No such file or directory ] . 

Do I have to install a dictionary file somewhere on Windows
Vista for it to work? Where do I get the dictionary file from
and exactly where does it need to be for nanoto find it?

I have checked the nano FAQ at the nano website but found no answers. Could someone kindly tell me how I can fix the problem I am experiencing?

Thanks a lot,

John Goche

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