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Re: GMAKE 3.81 vs GMAKE 4.2

From: nikhil jain
Subject: Re: GMAKE 3.81 vs GMAKE 4.2
Date: Sat, 21 May 2022 08:37:54 +0530

Hi guys,

I just tried the die function inside main.c

It did not get called when I ctrl + c a running make process. Please help

Also, fatal error handler in commands.C gets called multiple times. I
believe it is getting called for each parallel make process the parent has

Helpless now, need to find answer to below questions -

1) why the die() function is not getting called after a ctrl+c ?
2) why I am not able to printf anything in fatal error handler in
commands.c ? I do printf but it doesn’t print on the screen. The stdout is
I tried running some command using system call and it ran means the control
is definitely doing inside fatal error handler.
3) I basically want to know a way in which I should be able to execute a
piece of code when main exits. Where should I put it?

Just a note - the makefiles are not normal. They are trapping sigint using
TRAP command in gnumakefile.

Please help guys.

Thanks in advance

On Fri, 6 May 2022 at 8:59 AM, nikhil jain <> wrote:

> Thanks Paul, I will utilize the die() function! I already changed make to
> be distributed. Thanks to the remote-stub.c (stub). I filled it in with my
> logic of distributing the compiles across machines. Working fine since
> couple of years! :)
> Kaz, Yes you are right.
> Unfortunately, as per the requirement I need to print the status of make
> through make only not by any wrapper calling make. Users usually dont use
> wrappers and run make on command line. They are not aware of echo $? or
> something like that to get the status. So, It would be useful If I just
> print it for them on the stdout!
> Thanks guys for quick input. You dont know how much it will help me.
> On Fri, May 6, 2022 at 1:08 AM Kaz Kylheku <> wrote:
>> On 2022-05-05 11:07, nikhil jain wrote:
>> > Thanks Paul and Brian.
>> > I understand Now it's not possible to find out if it was an incremental
>> > build or a full build.
>> >
>> > What about the second question ?
>> >
>> > Before exiting make, I want to display the status of the build if it
>> failed
>> > or passed.. how do I do that ?
>> > Does make store the exit code somewhere.
>> Make certainly has a failed termination status for a failed build.
>> Find the places where it is either returning from main or calling
>> exit, and work backwards.
>> You could just wrap make with a script:
>>   #!/bin/sh
>>   make "$@" && printf "build failed\n"
>> > Re-Iterating - I want to display the status of the build before make
>> exits.
>> Why is that important; is something else going to happen between that
>> diagnostic and the actual termination of make, such that the diagnostic
>> must precede that event?
>> > I do not want the shell which called make to fetch the status. This is a
>> > requirement in which I need to tell the user that your build was
>> completed
>> > successfully or had issues.
>> But another program, such as a script, obtaining the termination status of
>> make is quite reliable. CI systems all over the world rely on it daily.
>> I've seen entire toolchains wrapped in scripts (i.e. /path/to/gcc being
>> a shell script which figures out sysroot parameters and calls the real
>> compiler)
>> and it made no difference to the build.

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