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Re: libidn malloca compile fails GNULIBHEADERS_OVERRIDE_WINT_T not set

From: Simon Josefsson
Subject: Re: libidn malloca compile fails GNULIBHEADERS_OVERRIDE_WINT_T not set
Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2021 20:17:11 +0200
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Brian Inglis <> writes:

> Under Cygwin 64 and 32, libidn malloca compile fails because gl/stdint.h
> is generated (for some reason, possibly because gnulib is yet to be or
> may not be ported to Cygwin, as Cygwin uses newlib rather than glibc, 
> and is not Linux) with no value set for GNULIBHEADERS_OVERRIDE_WINT_T
> in #if, as no tests are configured to set the value under Cygwin:
> please see attached log for details.

Thanks for the report.  This can happen if an old wint_t.m4 is used.
Did you build directly from the tarball?  Did you run any of autoreconf,
autopoint or libtoolize?  Make sure wint_t.m4 in your build tree is
'serial 11'.  See some comments in bootstrap.conf..

I don't have access to a cygwin machine so I can't easily reproduce this
myself.  One thing you can check is the ./configure output: does it
contain 'whether wint_t is large enough'?  Otherwise something rebuilt
the ./configure script for you and used the wrong wint_t.m4 file.


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