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Problem installing gv on a vintage system

From: Trusler, Martin
Subject: Problem installing gv on a vintage system
Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2020 16:17:10 +0000

I'm reaching out to see if anyone can offer some help with installing gv on a 
vintage computer. What I am trying to do is for sure not supported but maybe 
someone can help anyway?

I have an interest in vintage HP workstations and am using an HP 9000 series 
model 385 (M68k processor, 33 MHz, 80 Mb RAM) running HP-UC vs 9.10. It's old 
and slow but ... well I'm interested in conservation and reconstruction of 
relevant software.

I have gcc (version 2.95.3) and various gnu tools for building packages. On 
such an old machine, resources are limited and it is usually necessary to go 
for older releases. Ghostscript (version 7.07b) compiled and works well. For 
gv, I have gone back to version 3.6.1 because my system lacks c library 
routines for handling 64-bit variables and I found that several such routines 
(e.g. strtoll, strtoull and strtold) are used in the most recent version of gv. 
Anyway, gv-3.6.1 compiles fine (it needed a few tiny tweaks to move 
declarations ahead of executable code and to add the missing getopt_long 
function). Unfortunately, it runs to only a very limited extent: it's OK with 
switches such as -help, --usage or -version but it fails with a core dump when 
called with a ps file (one that displays OK using gs). I have more info. if 
there is anyone who might be able to offer some advice.

Kind regards
Martin Trusler 

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