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[help-gv] gv patch

From: Andrew . Hamilton
Subject: [help-gv] gv patch
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 11:38:54 -0600

I would love to see the attached patch integrated into gv.

The main purpose of the patch is to fix gv when input comes from stdin,
such as
cat <> <> | gv -

However, the patch also fixes several bugs that have crept into gv
over the years (I have been patching my local version of gv for
more than a decade).

Bug fixes:

1. A few years back gv was updated to use the standard gnu getopt.
This is fine, but the update overrode getopt's built-in option counter,
with an
for each option.  This is not only bad programming practice, but breaks
getopt's built-in behaviour in some circumstances, such as when
there are multiple arguments.

2. Broken --arguments fixed.
   Broken --safer fixed.

3. The - argument, indicating input from stdin, which has been broken
for many years, is fixed.   Indeed, it has been broken for so long
that the man page no longer documents it.  However, the - argument
is implemented in gv, and should not be allowed to disappear for
lack of attention.

Andrew Hamilton

Attachment: gv-3.6.6-interpret.patch
Description: gv-3.6.6-interpret.patch

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