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[help-gv] Problem with options -antialias/-noantialias

From: Roland Schilling
Subject: [help-gv] Problem with options -antialias/-noantialias
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 18:04:39 +0200 (DFT)


I have a problem with the '-noantialias'/'-antialias' options
and already tried to get some help from 'comp.lang.postscript',
but to no avail.  Hence, I repeat here what I wrote to

I generate PS files of various sizes and would like them to
properly convert into PDF using ps2pdf14 .  But I had a problem
with formats larger then A4:  The generated PDF files only had
A4 format and showed the lower left corner of the PS file.
See the following example of an A3 plot in landscape:

%%BoundingBox: 0 0 843 1192
%%Orientation: Landscape
%%Title: test_A3_L
843. 0. translate 90. rotate
2.83465 dup scale
1. setlinewidth
newpath 50. 30. 320. 210. rectstroke

To cure this problem I added the following 3 lines after
%%EndComments (see attached file ''):

<</PageSize[ 843 1192 ]>>setpagedevice

This works fine and yields a correct PDF file.  But when
viewing the PS file with GV the full-size picture is only
shown if the option '-antialias' is active; with '-noantialias'
it is clipped at a width of 843 points.  Another observation
is that, when viewing a multipage document (generated in the
kind shown above) with '-antialias' active, the part right of
843 points shows an overlap of the new and the previous page(s).
The can then be cured by switching 'antialias' off and on again.
What's wrong here?  Am I doing something wrong or am I missing
something, or is it a bug in GV?

Thanks in advance!


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