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[help-gv] gv for Mac

From: Miklos Somogyi
Subject: [help-gv] gv for Mac
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 21:19:42 +1000

I installed Xcode and X11 and tried to fire-up gv from terminal. Errors.
It could only be raised from xterm but I could not get xterm going from terminal either... Finally I got it going but its reliance on the scrollbar-less xterm is a disincentive to using it.

Curves are not so wonderful but surfaces look good.
I need to learn whether there is an anti-aliasing on/off switch somewhere.

Thanks Karl,

On 07/06/2007, at 9:14 AM, Karl Berry wrote:

MacGhostScript does not do these nasty things but it falls short in
    colours, most of my 3d stuff looks pale like dead.

GV is a front-end for Ghostscript, so it seems it might suffer from the
same problem.

    I wonder whether I can install gv on the Mac at all and,

If you can get X working, I expect gv will work.

    if so, would it give me one of these problems?

I have no real clue, sorry ...


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