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[help-gv] cannot save options in gv

From: Marcello Musso
Subject: [help-gv] cannot save options in gv
Date: Wed, 23 May 2007 16:58:24 -0500 (CDT)


I am having some strange problems with gv. I am trying to insert a modified print command and some additional scales in the Setup Options dialog. After I click on "Apply" and "Save", the print dialog then has the modified command and the new scale is made available. Also, a file .gv is created with the new settings.
However, if I close gv and reopen it, the modifications disappear.
It looks like gv is not reading the .gv file when starting.
I also tried to change the system-wide resource files in /usr/share/gv, withno luck. Also launching gv with the --ad=~/.gv option explicitely does not produce any effect.
Do you have any suggestions?


*  Marcello Musso                              *
*  University of Texas at Austin               *
*  Department of Physics - Theory group        *
*  1, University Station C1608                 *
*  Austin, TX 78712-0269 - USA                 *
*  office phone: (512)-471-4108                *
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