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[help-gv] Printer File Problem

From: LittleJohn
Subject: [help-gv] Printer File Problem
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 14:45:18 -0600
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I try to print a pdf or ps file using GV and it fails. lpr sends back an error message that says the .pdf.tmp file gv requested printed doesn't exist. The file is similar to another ps.tmp file with a slightly different number.

lpr <filename>.pdf or .ps prints perfectly and no other application I used has a print problem. (Xpdf uses the same command and prints the same pdf files without a problem.

I've change the print command on the application and the GV resource file. No help. I've searched the entire drive for a gv_*.pdf.tmp or gv_*.ps.tmp file and only one exists in the home directory and it contains the wrong number in the filename.

        I'm using:
                Slackware 10.0
                CUPS 1.1.21
                gv 3.5.8

        Any ideas besides using the other apps or a direct lpr command to print?

John Littleton

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