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[help-gv] Performance hit with Kubuntu

From: Gary Hodges
Subject: [help-gv] Performance hit with Kubuntu
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 16:51:00 -0700
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I ran SuSE v9.0 on an Athlon XP 2600+ until recently when I installed Kubuntu 5.10. For the past year I've used gv with great success viewing large (~200 MB, ~600 pages) postscript files I produce. With SuSE installed each page would render what seemed to be instantly. With Kubuntu there has been a huge performance hit. Now it takes ~4 seconds to render each page. I just tested this again on two SuSE v9.0 machines. Below are my observed results along with some from other machines.

SuSE 9.0; gv v3.5.8
Dual Xeon (around 3GHz) unknown vid:  renders pages instantly
PII w/on-board ATI: Second fastest of all machines at < 1sec to render a page

Sarge;  gv v3.6.1
Opteron 244 SMP w/Matrox 400: ~1 sec to render a page. Slightly slower than the PII.
Athlon MP 2000+ SMP w/Matrox 550:  ~4 seconds to render a page

Kubuntu 5.10;  gv v3.6.1
Athlon XP 2600+ w/Matrox 450:  ~4 seconds to render a page.

Is the performance hit due to the newer version or does SuSE do something to speed things up? How can I get back the performance I had with SuSE? Thanks for your time.


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