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Re: How do I install a file with custom permissions?

From: Timo Wilken
Subject: Re: How do I install a file with custom permissions?
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2022 20:43:18 +0100

Hi Julien,

Thanks! It did seem slightly odd to me how `wireguard-service-type'
set the private key in a bit of a roundabout way, by referring to an
external file. I'll try and set the pre-shared keys the same way.


On Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 08:34:21PM +0100, Julien Lepiller wrote:
> Hi Timo,
> Files in the store are always world-readable and there's nothing you can do 
> to change that. There has been discussions in the past about how to handle 
> secrets in the store, but no solution so far.
> One thing you can do, if wireguard allows it, is to have the pre-shared key 
> in a separate file out of the store and simply point the config to that file 
> (instead of using a file-like object). This is how we handle other secrets so 
> far.
> Le 29 novembre 2022 20:24:13 GMT+01:00, Timo Wilken <> a 
> écrit :
> >Hi Guixers,
> >
> >I'm trying to patch the `wireguard-service-type' to accept pre-shared
> >keys and add them to the generated config. This all seems to work
> >fine, except that I can't get guix to generate a non-world-readable
> >configuration file.
> >
> >I've tried adding a `(chmod port #o400)' call to the end of the lambda
> >that generates the config file (gnu/services/vpn.scm lines 784-838),
> >but that seems to have no effect -- the resulting file at
> >/gnu/store/...-wireguard-config/wg0.conf is still
> >world-readable. Adding `(chmod #$config-file #o400)' after the
> >`call-with-output-file' call doesn't work either.
> >
> >What do I need to do to make guix install the generated config file
> >with 0400 permissions?
> >
> >Cheers,
> >Timo
> >

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