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SSD keeps being lost, power source must be replugged to fix

From: Tyler Wolf
Subject: SSD keeps being lost, power source must be replugged to fix
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 17:50:49 +0000

Hi! This is my first time using a mailing list, so apologies if any formatting 
is weird.

I have an SSD connected to my system that uses f2fs, my config, which shows how 
it is mounted, can be found 
 (this drive is labelled "S70 Blade"). Every once in a while, typically after I 
upgrade packages or reconfigure system or home, my SSD is lost. I still see the 
name in Thunar but I cannot open it, as I get an input/output error and if I 
run lsblk I do not see my SSD. This SSD is not my boot drive, so my system 
keeps working for the moment, yet I no longer have access to this drive. If I 
reboot my system, I will receive an error that the filesystem is broken, as the 
machine still cannot read the SSD, however this is fixed if I remove the power 
source from my computer and plug it back in. While I don't think it makes a 
difference in this case, my computer only has one M.2 SSD slot, so I use a PCIe 
adapter to use two. Initially I thought this might be the problem, but the 
drive that I am having trouble with is the one plugged directly into my 
motherboard, Does anyone know how to fix this? Is this a hardware problem? A 
Guix problem? Or perhaps a problem with f2fs. Any help is appreciated.

Tyler Wolf

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