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question on setting up guix.scm for project development

From: Andy Tai
Subject: question on setting up guix.scm for project development
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 22:29:15 -0800

Hi, guix allows setting up an environment containing all the
dependencies for development of a package; this can be done via a
guix.scm file containing the package definition.

My question is, if I am developing a package which has dependencies
with newer versions than what is available in the guix repo, how can I
use the guix.scm file to bring in the new version of the dependencies?
 As an example:

Say  my package "my-package" has dependencies d1, d2, d3
where d2 in the current guix package repo is at version 0.1.2 but I
need a later release version 0.1.4; so I tried something like this:

(use-modules (guix packages)

(define-public d2-0.1.4
       (name "d2")
       (version "0.1.4")


(define-public my-package
      (name "my-package")
      (version "0.1")

     (input (list d1 d2-0.1.4 d3...)


---end guix.scm--

and if I use

guix shell -f -d ./guix.scm

this does not seem to generate an environment that contains the new
dependency, that is d2 version 0.1.4

I wonder how can this made to work?  Ideally no need to create a
private channel or such..  Thanks for info on this.

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