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Re: Compiling vterm: cc: command not found

From: Chris Keschnat
Subject: Re: Compiling vterm: cc: command not found
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2022 12:04:34 +0100

Tobias Geerinckx-Rice <> writes:

>> (anymore?)
> Guix has never provided the 'cc' alias for GCC AFAIR.
> Perhaps you were previously using 'clang-toolchain', which does
> symlink cc to clang? That's something that we, Guix, explicitly add;
> not upstream.
> It's unfortunate that Guix promotes a non-GPL compiler over GCC this way.
> Kind regards,
> T G-R
> Sent on the go.  Excuse or enjoy my brevity.

I might have been confused about how I installed vterm before. I
thought I used straight.el, which builds the module as describe in my
previous mail. It could be that I had manually installed =emacs-vterm= and
didn't add it to my (guix) emacs profile.

I have now installed ~emacs-vterm~ through guix (together with ~libvterm~
in my emacs profile). When I try running vterm from emacs, it still asks
to compile the module though (which fails).

Looking at the ~emacs-vterm~ packages, this happens here:

#+begin_src sh

  (unless (require 'vterm-module nil t)


Trying manually:
#+begin_src sh

  (require 'vterm-module)


  Debugger entered--Lisp error: (file-missing "Cannot open load file" "No such 
file or directory" "vterm-module")
    funcall-interactively(eval-last-sexp nil)


There is a .so file in my emacs profile though, so I think there is something 
wrong with some kind of module path?

#+begin_src sh

  ~/.guix-extra-profiles/emacs/emacs  $ find | grep vterm-module


I do not know how/what to check though. So far I have only found that my
~module-file-prefix~ is ".so". But other than that, I do not know how
the loading of modules works and would appreciate a hint.

Thank you

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