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Re: tor

From: Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli
Subject: Re: tor
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2022 00:19:13 +0100

On Mon, 7 Nov 2022 21:14:30 +0100
Wojtek Kosior <> wrote:

> > Will this be also at some stage a Guix package or everybody has to 
> > install it as a script?  
> I understand Denis' intention is to ultimately make *the script* into
> a Guix package. But it is possible to have the script look like an
> application and appear in user's applications menu. So in the end
> launching the Tor Browser through it wouldn't be noticeably different
> from running a normal browser.
In my case I've packaged it in my system.scm, so I can run it like
any other program.

I've not added the information (yet) about that as I though that just
making the script work for another setup than mine would require some
work / adjustment.

As for packaging the script in Guix, the main blocker is to find a way
to make sure it is FSDG compliant.

I guess that if it software that is already there, it should be
ok to package the current script, but I'm more interested in having
something that would download, verify, install and run the tor-browser
to make it easy for users to use.

And that for sure requires to make sure that what we download is OK
FSDG wise.

I've found that bug:

So maybe I could drop a line there to explain our issue and why
removing that text would make it ok for any FSDG distributions to
package the tor-browser launcher or similar software (like this script).

>     export
> PATH="$HOME"/.local/share/torbrowser/tbb/x86_64/tor-browser_en-US/Browser/:"$PATH"
> If you instead choose to place the script inside `~/.local/bin`, that
> directory is (probably) going to be included in the `PATH` by default
> (by the means of your default, auto-created shell initialization
> scripts).
I used that path to make it compatible with the tor-browser launcher.

> Although this is not related, I believe the
> `export DISPLAY=${DISPLAY};` trick in the script can be replaced with
> the `--preserve` option of `guix shell`. At this very moment I
> realized I can also improve some code of mine this way :o
Thanks a lot, that could indeed make my code way cleaner.


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