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Re: which package gets built first?

From: (
Subject: Re: which package gets built first?
Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2022 16:39:29 +0000


On Fri Nov 4, 2022 at 9:49 AM GMT, zimoun wrote:
> Other said, the CLI is somehow parsed from right to left.

Probably because:

  args: (pkg1 pkg2 pkg3)
  cmds: ()

  args: (pkg2 pkg3)
  cmds: ((install . pkg1))

  args: (pkg3)
  cmds: ((install . pkg2)
         (install . pkg1))

  args: ()
  cmds: ((install . pkg3)
         (install . pkg2)
         (install . pkg1))

I suppose we could add a reverse in this procedure, defined within
guix/scripts/package.scm's options->installable:

  (define to-install
    (filter-map (match-lambda
                  (('install . (? package? p))
                   ;; When given a package via `-e', install the first of its
                   ;; outputs (XXX).
                   (package->manifest-entry* (transform p) "out"))
                  (('install . (? string? spec))
                   (if (store-path? spec)
                       (store-item->manifest-entry spec)
                       (let-values (((package output)
                                     (specification->package+output spec)))
                         (package->manifest-entry* (transform package)
                  (('install . obj)
                   (leave (G_ "cannot install non-package object: ~s~%")

    -- (

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