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Re: Guix package manager installed

From: Gottfried
Subject: Re: Guix package manager installed
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 19:59:49 +0000

 Hi Steve,

thanks for explanation
I am hacking on the basics.

I tried:

sudo systemctl status guix-daemon.service

but it said:

gfp@Tuxedo ~$ sudo systemctl status guix-daemon.service
sudo: systemctl: command not found

systemctl ?

Kind regards


Am 02.11.22 um 08:53 schrieb Steve George:

The key concept to understand is that Guix runs a build daemon and package database (/gnu/store) on the machine which multiple 'normal' users can use. You can see it with:

   sudo systemctl status guix-daemon.service

The manual is trying to explain that you use the root user to update the guix daemon itself. So you do this:

   sudo -i pull guix
   sudo systemctl restart guix-daemon.service

The second step is that for each of your normal users, you then use guix. For example, to update guix for my main user and to install a package:

   # open a normal terminal
   $ guix pull
   $ guix upgrade
   $ guix install tmux

If you inspect the guix-daemon service the log will show your user connecting to the service and the guix-daemon handling the actions (e.g. download the software):

   sudo systemctl status guix-daemon.service

If you had multiple users then each individual user would do guix pull to update their definitions of what applications/versions are available. Each user has their own record (called a profile) of which applications they've installed.

The advantage of using the single daemon, is that if multiple users installed a program (e.g. tmux) then it would only be downloaded once.

Unless you use your root user regularly you don't need to install applications as the root user. I personally only run a small number of commands as root so I don't install any Guix software as root.

Hope that makes it easier to understand!

On 29/10/2022 21:57, Gottfried wrote:
Hi Guixers,

I am very thankful for all the Guixers who worked and are working for Guix, also for the manual...

because against all hope I was able to install the Guix package manager on another laptop on top of Trisquel on the basis of the manual.

I am wondering myself that I was able to understand the manual and step by step I did what it said. Even sometimes there were messages of failures but at the end everything worked. (I had to look up for solutions  on the web several times, but at the end it was successful)

1.  As far as I understand it I have to do

guix pull

and a

guix package -u

but no

sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm

because there is no /etc/config.scm file

Is that right?

Where is the relevant file for the guix package manager I installed?

2.  Do I regularly have to do a "sudo guix pull" for root?

or is it enough that I did it once for setting up guix?

Kind regards



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