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Re: Can't reconnect to WiFi easily

From: phodina
Subject: Re: Can't reconnect to WiFi easily
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2022 09:42:16 +0000


have you looked into the kernel ring buffer? If it's something related to the 
kernel or the Wifi AP then you'll see some messages regarding loosing signal, 
authentication, etc.

So the `dmesg` command should give us more insight into if it's kernel/Wifi 
problem or just the SW stack Gnome Shell/Network Manager...

This is hard to replicate as we don't have your environment and also I run 
different kernel + DE stack (i3). I have machine with (recent) Gnome shell and 
the wifi works there ok - both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. I'll check the commits and 


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