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Problems with auto-login configuration

From: Eric Seuret
Subject: Problems with auto-login configuration
Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2020 21:20:23 +0100
User-agent: Evolution 3.34.4


I am a new Guix user and first I want say wow! Being able to just write
the configuration in a text file is only one of the nice things about
guix. So thank to all the developers.

That being said, I have a small problem. I am trying to setup a machine
so that a user is logged in automatically but I have problems. Here is
my (services ...) configuration for this.

      (list (service gnome-desktop-service-type)
            (service openssh-service-type)
                (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))))
      (modify-services %desktop-services
                        config => (gdm-configuration
                                   (auto-login? #t)
                                   (default-user "username"))))))

The problem, is that, if i have (auto-login? #f) then the systems boot
all the way to GDM and I can login with all users. However, when I try
with (auto-login? #t), then the system just presents me with a console
login. The user with username is also define in (users ...). 

I am sure that I have done something false, unfortunately, I can't seem
find it.

Thanks in advance,

E. Seuret  

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