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Re: proposal to remove linux-Libre from Guix

From: Quiliro Ordonez
Subject: Re: proposal to remove linux-Libre from Guix
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 11:24:14 -0700

El 2019-03-29 00:21, Tobias Geerinckx-Rice escribió:
> Quiliro Ordonez wrote:
>> El 2019-03-28 21:38, Ricardo Wurmus escribió:
>>> All this for merely giving people a reason to stop using the term “Linux
>>> distribution”?
>> No. It is for helping people value the project and thus consider freedom
>> more valueable than any other feature.
> Switching from a GPL'ed to a *less* free (BSD-licenced) kernel would
> be a huge step backwards for such people (of which I am one).

I do not propose such thing. BSD-licensed software can be changed to
GPL'ed. There are othe implications, of course. But it is still free and
can be copylefted.

>>> PS: in case this was meant as a joke: it’s hard to be sure on this
>>> Internet of ours :)
>> It is not a joke. But wouldn't it be a good one for April 1st?
> Only if you provide a working patch porting Guix to FreeBSD, in the
> spirit of Marius's systemd effort ;-)

I am looking for the best way to spend my time (and others' time) where
the social benefit would be the greatest with the investment of
learning, investigation and effort. I am not sure if I am prepared yet
for such a goal. But having a goal makes the energy needed to atain it
come easier.

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