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Re: Touchpad tap config in slim-service-type configuration

From: znavko
Subject: Re: Touchpad tap config in slim-service-type configuration
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 17:47:19 +0100 (CET)

Now yes, but I think it is old, cause startx rests there in slim config:  .

Sorry, I have not found solution by keyword 'touchpad' in that guix manual, but I have no time to read entire text to get an idea how to try to solve this.

Mar 27, 2019, 4:31 PM by address@hidden:

address@hidden writes:
Hello! I have updated guix and tried to run `guix system reconfigure
..` (just for update, config is the same), but something has been
changed in guix repository (I think so).

The error is this:

# guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
/etc/config.scm:65:46: error: extraneous field initializers

There no longer is a “startx” field in the “slim-configuration”.
I have studied the guile file

You shouldn’t need to look at Guile code. Have you looked at the manual?


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