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Does your printer work with Guix System? Please share!

From: Chris Marusich
Subject: Does your printer work with Guix System? Please share!
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 22:27:47 -0700
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Hi Guix!

I want to buy a printer to use with a Guix System machine.  At a bare
minimum, it just needs to print in black and white reliably, but I hope
I can find one that does more than just the bare minimum.

Has anyone here successfully printed (and/or scanned) using Guix System?
If so, would you be willing to share details?  If you don't want to
share details publicly, please consider emailing me privately instead.
I'm interested in information like the following:

* Manufacturer and model number
* Features that you've verified work
* Features that you've verified don't work
* Any special steps you had to take to get features working
* Does it work with CUPS?
* Other concerns (e.g., privacy, cartridge DRM)

I'd really appreciate any information you can share!  I've found that
h-node and are kind of difficult to use.  Even when
I've found a printer there that looks reasonable, there's no guarantee
it'll work with Guix System specifically.  That's why I'm asking here.

Thank you,


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