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Re: RLS and Rust

From: Ivan Petkov
Subject: Re: RLS and Rust
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2019 19:55:02 -0700


> On Mar 20, 2019, at 4:54 PM, address@hidden wrote:
> Does anybody have any ideas on how to proceed?

Not 100% sure, but does RLS still require a nightly rust?

AFAIK tools like RLS (or cargo or clippy) should be buildable from the rust
source tarball, so that may be something worth exploring! (I've been meaning
to add these as part of the rust build, but so far I've been focused on getting
the latest version packaged in guix first, still two versions behind)

> Also, what is the status on getting rust packages upstream to guix master? I 
> know we have some additional bootstrapping efforts to get through first.

There’s no packaged rust crates in guix yet, though I’ve been working on
revamping the cargo-build-system to work with cargo in a way that feels
natural to invoke and maintain (there's a bit of an impedance mismatch between
how cargo and guix expect to handle things by default).

I have an initial proof-of-concept patch ready which I've been meaning to send
out, but I've largely spent my free time trying to get the latest rust version
packaged into guix. Keep an eye out, should be better soon!


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