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set dnsdomainname

From: Marco van Hulten
Subject: set dnsdomainname
Date: Tue, 5 Mar 2019 11:30:13 +0100

Hello Guix—

I want `dnsdomainname` to be set on my system with GuixSD (because it
is used as a destination in my Postfix configuration).  How do I go
about this?

The system with GuixSD gets network information from my Debian 8 server
that runs the ISC DHCP server.  So I thought the best approach would be
to configure the DHCP server by adding this near the top of dhcpd.conf:

    ddns-updates on;
    ddns-domainname "instanton";

But it doesn't get picked up by the GuixSD client system.

Is there a way to specify full hostname(1) information (`hostname
--fqdn`, `dnsdomainname`) in Guix' system configuration?


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