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Re: guix pack -f docker ...

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: guix pack -f docker ...
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2019 10:24:02 +0100

Hi Yoshinori Arai,

To add pointers, I recommend you this blog post [1] by Ludo presenting
`guix pack`.


Personally, I use something in this flavour:

      guix pack -f docker \
         -S /bin=bin -S /lib=lib -S /share=share  \
         emacs guile geiser

      docker load < /gnu/store/<hash>-docker-pack.tar.gz
      docker image ls
      docker run -ti <image-id> emacs

And depending on your Guix commit (version), the hashes/id should be different.

With `guix describe`, I have 89ea625, so `guix pull --commit=89ea625` then
 - <hash> is pg66wnjsg7yyxc0gi5wbrk8dz0i2jyfp
 - docker TAG is k2nml7smdflwzkgqhqnmy6s0lzambdvl
 - docker IMAGE ID is 560c357dd4e3

Hope that helps.

All the best

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