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Keyboard layout

From: Thierry Micoud
Subject: Keyboard layout
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2016 15:38:51 +0100

I've installed guixsd 0.10. Its probably a rooky problem but seem unable to solve it and I apologise! ;)
I'd like to change to keyboard layout from us to uk.

Ideally I'd like to set the keyboard layout in the config.scm file and 'guix system reconfigure'
Is this possible.?
I use DWM window manager and in my xsession file on other computer (running voidlinux) I've a line with "setxkbmap gb” which does the job. Which package does 'setxkbmap' belong to in guix, I can't seam to locate it. and if does not exist what other tools are there

Many thanks

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