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[Help-gsl] FFT

From: Klaus Huthmacher
Subject: [Help-gsl] FFT
Date: Mon, 06 Jan 2014 15:30:33 +0100
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Dear fellows,

I have another question concerning the FFT of the GSL. I wanted to start low and tried to transform a sine signal.

Since I assume a data set I take into account real values and a length of any magnitude. Thus I end up with Section 16.7: Mixed - radix FFT routines for real data, am I right?

But to be honest I do not fully grasp between the two methods real_transform and halfcomplex_transform. The first leads to an expected \delta - peak while the second method leads to 'oscillating boundaries'.

Furthermore I am highly confused that the FFT functions only need the data in the sense of the 'values' of a function and not the corresponding x values.

I thought to be quiete familier with the fouriertransform by solving equations with paper and pencil but this GSL implementation is curious.

Can someone give me a little more insight?

In the appendix is a minimal example together with a makefile.

Kind regards,

    Klaus Huthmacher.

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