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[Help-gsl] Using gsl algorithms

From: Tucker DiNapoli
Subject: [Help-gsl] Using gsl algorithms
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2013 11:36:48 -0400

This question is mostly out of intellectual curiosity more than actual
necessity. I'm writing a software library for the julia programming library
and I'm basing many of my algorithms off of the gsl. I'm wondering what
this means in terms of licensing, while I do intend to license my library
under the gpl I would like to know if this is actually necessary. Does
copying algorithms, or basing new code off of preexisting code fall under
the same rules as actually copying or using that code or is it different.
I'm sure that to an extent this is a bit of a legal grey area (for instance
no one could accuse you of copying code if you write a quicksort that looks
like theirs) , again this is really just for curiosity's sake more than
anything else (being as I do actually need to link with the gsl for my
library anyway so I'd need to make my code gsl regardless).
  Tucker DiNapoli

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