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[Help-gsl] gsl-1.6 for Win XP (32) - compilation

From: Kazimierz Skrobas
Subject: [Help-gsl] gsl-1.6 for Win XP (32) - compilation
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:12:59 +0200

If somebody needs a version of gsl-1.6 for Windows XP (Dev C++)  should
follow the advices given on website:

Howto get the GNU Scientific Library working with Dev-C++ in Microsoft

The only problem is with the current MinGW32 installer which  does not
create a home directory during installation. To resolve above problem one
needs to use MinGw Installation Manager and from the list choose MSYS
packages (msys-bash, msys-core) and gcc packages from MinGW.

After compilation (shouldn't be any problems) directory with all gsl-1.6
libraries is created in c:\\


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