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[Help-gsl] Moving to Windows 7 but...

From: Vicent
Subject: [Help-gsl] Moving to Windows 7 but...
Date: Sat, 21 May 2011 13:05:25 +0200


I would like to explain my current situation and ask for the best
alternative or solution, according to your experience.

This is not a pure GSL issue, but I think it is related enough, and I
think I can get good solutions from this mail list.

Currently I work with my PC at work and with my laptop at home, and
everything is well synchronized thanks to a DropBox-like application.

I work with Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP (32 bits) in both
environments. And I use GSL 1.13 —specifically I work with the
adaptation/compilation to Visual Studio 2008 that David Geldreich (I
think) did.

Now, they are going to change the PC at my workplace from a Windows-XP
(32-bits) one to a Windows-7 (64-bits) one. And, in the other hand, I
am going to go on with my 5-year-old laptop that goes with Windows XP
(32 bits).

So, I don't know what to do exactly. I am afraid that I'll lose my
current "perfect sync" if I don't do things properly.

I mean, can I stick with Visual Studio 2008 + GSL 1.13 as I did till
now within my new 64-bits Windows-7 computer?? Can I make the
transition nearly "transparent" to my Windows-XP laptop and to myself?

To be more precise, I am not sure if Visual Studio 2008 and GSL 1.13
can be installed on Windows 7 and if there can be some 32 vs 64 bits
issues somehow.

The alternative could be updating to Visual Studio 2010 and GSL 1.15
(by the way, is there already a Visual-Studio-2010-ready version?),
but I don't know if Visual Studio deals with 32-bits computers...; in
general, I don't know if this could be a better alternative.

As you can see, I am a bit lost...   :(   So, any help would be really

Thank you very much in advance.   :)


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