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[Help-gsl] GPLv3 or LGPL?

Subject: [Help-gsl] GPLv3 or LGPL?
Date: Tue, 7 Dec 2010 15:38:50 -0600

I'm curious why is a library set using GPLv3 instead of LGPL?

I understand the argument that the FSF gives in that there are not ready
replacements for it, hence it's a prime target to further its free
software cause.  However the act of forcing users to use GPLv3 is in a
sense an act of not making the libraries "free".  It is attaching a
price to it.  Unfortunately, working in industry, forcing my employer to
relinquish copyrights on entire software packages (that they are paying
to develop) is not an option. Idealism or not, they are not going to go
for that business model.

You have effectively prevented me from using your "free" software.  The
GSL are functions, not an entire application.  It is really unfortunate
because it looks like a truly wonderful library set. All you've managed
to do is (at best) trap this library forever in academia and then only
until your user base realizes that once they graduate, they won't have
ready/legal access to it anymore. It's just frustrating.




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