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[Help-gsl] Help: undefined symbol "cblas_dsdot" error when trying to loa

From: Henry Lenzi
Subject: [Help-gsl] Help: undefined symbol "cblas_dsdot" error when trying to load in Lush
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 02:06:01 +0000

Hi all --

On a FreeBSD 8.1 (amd64), with gsl-1.14, I tried to load the
library in the Lush programming environment (Lush is like a lispy
Matlab), but I get an error:
? (mod-load "/usr/local/lib/")

*** module-load : dlopen error
*** /usr/local/lib/ Undefined symbol "cblas_dsdot" :

But Lush is working. It can load fftw3, for
? (mod-load "/usr/local/lib/")
= "/usr/local/lib/"

I used ack (the "better then grep" tool) and found loads of files inlduing ("#

cblas/daxpy.c:3:#include "cblas.h"
cblas/chemm.c:2:#include <gsl/gsl_cblas.h>
cblas/chemm.c:3:#include "cblas.h"
cblas/sswap.c:2:#include <gsl/gsl_cblas.h>

And, the Makefile mentions it too:

cblas/ = tests.c tests.h cblas.h

However, ack can't find a cblas.h file:

[me@ ~/source/gsl-1.14]$ ack  -f cblas.h
ack: cblas.h: No such file or directory

Could this be the problem?
Help is greatly appreciated. I'm not really a C guy (yet!), so I'm
kind of lost here.

Is this a GSL issue? A FreeBSD issue? Could there be dragons?

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