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[Help-gsl] I cannot find some functions listed in GSL

From: Keith Raymond McCloy
Subject: [Help-gsl] I cannot find some functions listed in GSL
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 2010 12:38:18 +0200


The GSL function gsl_linalg_bidiag_unpack2(...) which I have, includes a 
function call to gsl_matrix_const_row(matrix variable, long variable) and I 
want to see what this function does. This function is referred to in 
gsl_matrix_double.h. To me it should be in GSL_Matrix but I cannot find it. Can 
anyone advise me of where I will find this function?



Keith McCloy,
Senior Scientist (Remote Sensing)
University of Aarhus,
Blichers Alle - 20,
8830 - Tjele, Denmark.

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