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[Help-gsl] Linking error

From: Eggenschwiler Florent
Subject: [Help-gsl] Linking error
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 18:57:04 +0100

I am working at EPFL on a project where I have to use a fitting routine 
allowing a nonlinear least squares fit to be done. By using the GSL library, I 
succeed in fitting my data by using a code similar to the one provided in:,
 apart from the fact that my fitted function was of the sinus cubic shape 
instead of exponential. I did the compilation by using Visual Studio 6 (on a 
Windows system) and I also added the files libgsl.a and libgslcblas.a to the 
project settings. The next step was to use this fitting tool provided by the 
GSL in a biomedical computer where the code is cross compiled which means that 
it should be compiled for Windows and for Linux. I thus tried to change the 
extension of the .a files to .so files since the Linux system needs .so files, 
but a problem happend when linking:

ERROR: Z:/n4_deli_vb15/vista_xlinux/delivery/lib/ could not read 
symbols: Bad value

I think that this error is due to the fact that I modified the .a files into 
.so files, but I searched the files and without 
success. Does someone have any idea where I could find at least a file allowing this error to be cancelled? Or does someone have 
any other suggestion to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Florent Eggenschwiler

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