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[Help-gsl] Re: Help-gsl Digest, Vol 73, Issue 3

From: Francesco Abbate
Subject: [Help-gsl] Re: Help-gsl Digest, Vol 73, Issue 3
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 18:30:40 +0100


I will try to help you. In order to have a working system to compile C
code with gcc you have to install mingw and msys (Minimal System).
They are both available in mingw web sites. Technically it is possible
to use gcc without msys but it is difficult because you don't have
many utilities that are normally available like the bash shell, for

Once you've installed MSYS you should open a session using the Msys
icon on the desktop or an equivalent command from the menu. Then you
will have a terminal running the bash shell, you should give all the
command from this terminal.

Then you have to unpack GSL but *not* in the mingw/include folder. You
can put it is any private folder that you like. The more simple thing
is to put it in your home directory that will be created during the
installation of msys, it will be something like C:\msys\home\<your

Then you can go, from the terminal, in the GSL directory and type:
make install

The last step, 'make install' will install the appropriate header
files and libraries inside the msys folder. Optionally you can use
./configure --prefix=/usr
to install them in the main msys folder.

If the 'make install' is successfull GSL will be available to be used
in your C code but if you are doing any serious development I can
reccomend you to use Linux. The latest Ubuntu linux destribution is
really excellent.

Best regards,

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> Date: Mon, 02 Nov 2009 14:56:35 -0500
> From: Andy beet <address@hidden>
> Subject: [Help-gsl] installation of gsl
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> Hi all,
> I am new to GNU and am finding a lot of the documentation confusing. I
> was wondering if someone could help.
> I have a windows machine (xp pro). I have just installed MinGW and now i
> am in the process of getting GSL to work within it.
> I installed MinGW in c:\MinGW as expressed in the documentation. I have
> also added c:\MinGW\bin to the environmental variable. I can now compile
> c code. I am now trying to add the GSL as my c code includes functions
> from this library.
> I unzipped the latest version of GSL (1.13) into a folder called gsl and
> placed it in c:\MinGW\include. Is this the right place for it?? Now when
> i navigate to c:\MinGW\include\gsl in a dos window and type ./configure
> i get the message " '.' is not recognized as an internal or external
> command, operable program or batch file"
> Can anyone let me know what it is i am doing wrong? I am guessing a lot!
> thanks in advance
> Andy
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