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Re: [Help-gsl] GSL Installation problem

From: syed raza
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] GSL Installation problem
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 2009 10:07:55 -0700

Thank you so much dear Marco for your detail email reply.
i have tried what you advised me  as

 $ cd /home/marco
 $ mkdir -p var/build
 $ cd var/build
 $ tar --extract --gzip --verbose --file=/home/marco/gsl-1.9.tar.gz
 $ cd gsl-1.9

 $ ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared

up to this point it works error free  all the tar(command) and  configure
done successfully

but  when i try the command

$ make

it tells me

cant found make command .

in the gsl-1.9  directory  i have the  the makefile .

please let me know what could be the problem .

i am using  Mandriva spring 2009.



On 10/2/09, Marco Maggi <address@hidden> wrote:
> "syed raza" wrote:
> > I want to compile a program of simple Matrix using gcc and
> > GSL.
> Ciao,  in what  follows I  assume  you are  a beginner  with
> GNU+Linux platforms,  so bear with  it if I write  stuff you
> already know.   There are a lot  of things to say  and it is
> difficult to have this exchange through email; anyway, let's
> give it a try.
> If you do a Google  search for "how to compile and install
> a program under linux", you  will find a number of tutorials
> about how  to compile and  install programs; I  suggest that
> you read some of them.
> Now for the specific  task of compiling and installing the
> GSL: first,  you should unpack  the archive "gsl-1.9.tar.gz"
> in a  temporary directory.
> On  my  system,  my  user  name is  "marco",  so  my  home
> directory pathname  is "/home/marco"; in  everything below I
> use this  pathname, you should  use your own  home directory
> pathname.   When  I build  a  GSL package  I  do  it in  the
> temporary  directory "/home/marco/var/build".  It  goes like
> this,  assuming  that   "gsl-1.9.tar.gz"  is  a  file  under
> "/home/marco":
> $ cd /home/marco
> $ mkdir -p var/build
> $ cd var/build
> $ tar --extract --gzip --verbose --file=/home/marco/gsl-1.9.tar.gz
> $ cd gsl-1.9
> $ ./configure --disable-static --enable-shared
> $ make
> if everything works  the GSL is configured and  built by the
> last two commands; we can verify that the building worked by
> running the tests:
> $ make check
> you should see a lot of compiler invocations and messages
> like:
> =============
> 1 test passed
> =============
> meaning  that  a  test  program  was  run  and  successfully
> executed.  Running the tests may take some minute.
> Now we have to install  the GSL; we configured it with the
> default setting for the destination directory, so it will be
> installed under the "/usr/local" directory hierarchy.
> First, you  have to  make sure that  "/usr/local" is  in a
> hard   disk   partition   mounted   with   writable   access
> permissions.   For   example,  on  my   system  running  the
> following command:
> $ mount | grep /usr/local
> prints:
> /dev/sda11 on /usr/local type ext3 (rw,nodev,errors=remount-ro)
> the first "rw" in the parentheses shows that "/usr/local" is
> writable.   There is  too much  to  be told  about how  your
> system  may  be  configured;  so,  let's  assume  that  your
> "/usr/local" is  writable, and come  back to it only  if the
> installation fails.
> To install GSL you  need to acquire root permissions, this
> means use the "su"  program or "sudo" program.  "sudo" needs
> to be configured, while "su"  should work for you; let's use
> "su".  If you do a Google search on "how to use su on linux"
> you should find some tutorials on it.
> Basically to install GSL you should do:
> $ su
> $ make install
> $ /sbin/ldconfig
> $ exit
> the "su" program asks you to type in the "root" password; do
> it and  "su" will run  a shell under "root"  privileges; run
> "make  install" and  "ldconfig" and  finally type  "exit" to
> exit the privileged shell.
> The location of "ldconfig"  may vary on your Linux system,
> I do not know where Mandriva places it; it may be in one of
> the following locations:
> /sbin/ldconfig
> /usr/sbin/ldconfig
> or  some  other place.   Find  it  and  run it  with  "root"
> privileges.
> Now, on to compiling a  program linked to the GSL library.
> The  source file  of your  program is  called "matrixExp.c",
> fine; first put it under a temporary directory:
> $ cd <where the file is>
> $ mkdir /home/marco/var/tmp
> $ mv matrixExp.c /home/marco/var/tmp
> $ cd /home/marco/var/tmp
> Your program looks fine to me, meaning that I successfully
> compiled and  run it on  my system with the  commands below.
> When  linking to  the  GSL  library, you  have  to tell  the
> compiler how  to use it;  the GSL package installs  a script
> "gsl-config" which we can use to acquire the informations we
> need.  You can try to run this:
> $ gsl-config --cflags --libs
> on my system it prints:
> -I/usr/local/include
> -L/usr/local/lib -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm
> these are all options to be put on the command line of GCC;
> so let's try:
> $ gcc -I/usr/local/include -L/usr/local/lib -lgsl -lgslcblas -lm -o
> matrixExp matrixExp.c
> it should compile the program and create an executable named
> "matrixExp"; equivalently, using the features of the shell
> you are running you could do:
> $ gcc $(gsl-config --cflags --libs) -o matrixExp matrixExp.c
> To run the program:
> $ ./matrixExp
> which prints:
> differences = 0 (should be zero)
> I hope  all of this helps  you; to have  further help, you
> can reply to me by private email.
> --
> Marco Maggi

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