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RE: [Help-gsl] 64 bit plateform support

From: Ashish Negi
Subject: RE: [Help-gsl] 64 bit plateform support
Date: Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:51:00 +0530

Thanks kusumanchi,
Any body else know about the same

Original message
>Hi All,
>Hope u all are doing well.
>I need to make an application using gsl, which can run under following
>OS: window (32 bit / 64 bit), vista
>Linux : 32 bit / 64 bit machines
>May I know, Does GSL gives support for mentioned scenario?
>Kindly revert back if my query is not clear.
>Looking forward for your guidance and support.
>Thanks & best regards:
>Ashish Negi

-----Original Message-----
From: kamaraju kusumanchi [mailto:address@hidden 
Sent: Friday, August 14, 2009 7:44 AM
To: Ashish Negi
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] 64 bit plateform support

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 5:56 AM, Ashish Negi<address@hidden>
> OS: window (32 bit / 64 bit), vista

No idea!

> Linux : 32 bit / 64 bit machines

Yes. gsl seems to work on both 32 bit, 64 bit machines in Linux.

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