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[Help-gsl] Need help specifying build/host/target to configure

From: Michael G Soyka
Subject: [Help-gsl] Need help specifying build/host/target to configure
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2008 11:30:29 -0400
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I'm trying to get GSL 1.8 setup to run on a PowerPC single board computer and have not been able to get configure to create either usable Makefiles or Makefiles that create PowerPC object files. I've reviewed the GNU Standards file that describes configure (Chapter 7.1) but still have questions.

First, some background. I need to build the GSL to run on a single board computer from Mercury Computer Systems. The processor is a PowerPC 750. It runs an OS called "MCOS". The OS and hardware are a good ten years old. My development host has a SPARC processor and runs Solaris 2.7. This is where the cross-compiler and related tools are installed.
Question 1.
The configure script takes 3 arguments that appear to be relevant: "--build", "--host", and "--target". Although the GNU Standards file talks about them, I'm still unclear as to which ones I should use. Could someone please explain the differences between them. I have tried:


Forgive me for not being precise about what goes wrong, I don't have notes in front of me. But, as I recall, if I specify all 3, configure complains and if I remove "--build", the Makefiles build Solaris object files using gcc. I ran out of time on Friday so could not try other combinations.
Question 2.
What are these .lo and .la files created by the Makefiles? The reason I ask is that my Makefiles contain make variables whose values are of the form


I know something of sed and make and shells but could not fathom what the "$U" is supposed to be or why the file extension is replicated.
Question 3.
What does "libtool" do?

Explanations, links to explanations, advice, etc will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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