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[Help-gsl] Complex vector arithmetic

From: Liam Healy
Subject: [Help-gsl] Complex vector arithmetic
Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2008 17:58:17 -0400

I notice that some vector functions on complex numbers do not exist,
though I can't think of a reason for this.  For example, these do not exist:


but all real types do, as well as the corresponding matrix functions:


I made a table of arithmetic functions and definitions I could find in
the library:
                    real vector real matrix     complex vector  complex matrix
_add                yes         yes             no                 yes
_sub                yes         yes             no                 yes
_mul                yes         no              no                 no
_mul_elements       no          yes             no                 yes
_div                yes         no              no                 no
_div_elements       no          yes             no                 yes
_scale              yes         no              no                 yes
_add_constant       yes         no              no                 yes

I can see that _mul_elements or _dev_elements is used only for
matrices and _mul or _div used only for vectors, but I cannot see why
vectors do not have definitions for complex types but matrices do.

Is there a reason for the absence of definitions for complex vectors?

(GSL 1.11 on Debian Lenny amd64)


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