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[Help-gsl] GSL Headers Problem

From: lukasz_urbanski
Subject: [Help-gsl] GSL Headers Problem
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 18:20:38 +0200

When I try to compile GSL distribution (no matter which one),  at the end of 
compilation process I obtain the following errors:
libtool: install: chmod 644 /home/user/temp_gsl/usr/local/lib/libgsl.a
libtool: install: ranlib /home/user/temp_gsl/usr/local/lib/libgsl.a
libtool: install: warning: remember to run `libtool --finish /usr/local/lib'
test -z "/usr/local/bin" || /usr/bin/mkdir -p "/home/user/temp_gsl/usr/local/bin
  /bin/sh ./libtool   --mode=install /usr/bin/install -c 'gsl-randist.exe' '/hom
./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrapper: line 2: $'\r': command not found
./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrapper: line 11: $'\r': command not found
./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrapper: line 16: $'\r': command not found
./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrapper: line 26: syntax error near unexpected token `ne
./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrapper: line 26: `  case `(set -o) 2>/dev/null` in *pos
'x*) set -o posix;; esac
libtool: install: invalid libtool wrapper script `./.libs/gsl-randist_ltshwrappe
make[2]: *** [install-binPROGRAMS] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/gsl-1.11'
make[1]: *** [install-am] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/cygdrive/c/gsl-1.11'
make: *** [install-recursive] Error 1

I am windows XP user, I use the latest cygwin version with automake, autoconf 
and libtool. When I build the whole stuff
I want to use statics with DEV-CPP ide, which has embedded mingw32 compiler 
that is why I use the following commands:
"./configure CC='gcc -mno-cygwin'" 
"make CC='gcc -mno-cygwin'"
"mkdir ~/temp"
DESTDIR=~/temp make install 

I obtain inlclude & lib directories and link my dev project against them, but 
my compiler returns the following errors:

/Dev-Cpp/gsl-1.11/include/gsl/gsl_errno.h C:\Documents and Settings\user\My 
Documents\CProj\DevTryOuts\C gsl/gsl_types.h: No such file or directory. 

38 C:\Dev-Cpp\gsl-1.11\include\gsl\gsl_check_range.h expected constructor, 
destructor, or type conversion before "int" 

38 C:\Dev-Cpp\gsl-1.11\include\gsl\gsl_check_range.h expected `,' or `;' before 

I don't know what that suppose to mean. It seems to me that there's something 
wrong with headers.

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