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[Help-gsl] Section 20, Statistics and gsl_vector/gsl_matrix

From: Ralph Silva
Subject: [Help-gsl] Section 20, Statistics and gsl_vector/gsl_matrix
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 14:07:39 -0300

Hi all,

just a quick question: How can I use those functions in Section 20 fo the
manual, Statistics, directly from a gsl_vector?  I took a look at Help-GSL
Archives but I couldn't find anything  related to it.

For example,  I am using  a variable "xdt" ( gsl_vector *xdt ) and do some
computation. After some steps, I want to do something like

gsl_sort_vector(xdt);   /* This works fine */
n = 1000;

/* This do not work obviously */
mean     = gsl_stats_mean(xdt,1,n);
stdv       = gsl_stats_sd(xdt,1,n);
lowerq    = gsl_stats_quantile_from_sorted_data (xdt,1,n,0.05);
median   = gsl_stats_median_from_sorted_data(xdt,1,n);
upperq    = gsl_stats_quantile_from_sorted_data(xdt,1,n,0.95);


Any help would be appreciated.


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