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[Help-gsl] Java GNU Scientific Library first release

From: David Lindelöf
Subject: [Help-gsl] Java GNU Scientific Library first release
Date: Thu, 05 Jul 2007 10:53:10 +0200

Dear GSL users,

My name is David Lindelöf, and I have been authorized by the
administrators of the Java GNU Scientific Library (JGSL) project to take
it over. Its goal is to develop appropriate Java wrapper classes and
native libraries around the GSL.

My approach consists in parsing the GSL's header files and generating
automatically the Java wrapper code and the JNI code. The result, when
compiled, is then packed in a jarfile, along with the corresponding Java
classes. Before any function from the JGSL is to be used, a call to
ch.visnet.jgsl.Jgsl.init() must be made in order to load the native

I have done some preliminary tests whose results are encouraging. The
first public release, 0.1.0, features only the Special Functions (log,
exp, airy, bessel, etc). This is a *very* preliminary release---consider
it as a very rough first draft. You can download it, its source and its
javadoc from here:

Before I continue working on this project, there are some questions I'd
like to ask about GSL, especially from potential JGSL users.

1) After the Special Functions gsl_sf_*, what would you like to see
implemented first? I intend to build JGSL one part at a time, because I
want to keep control of the wrapping Java function names, i.e.
gsl_sf_log() -> Log.log(), gsl_sf_log_abs() -> Log.logAbs(), and so on.
This implies some manual work that takes some time.

2) Can someone explain succintly what algorithms GSL is based upon? I
have noticed, for instance, that Java's built-in Log function---which I
understand is based on netlib---performs about 10% worse than GSL's log
function when called through JGSL. Is this performance gain something
that should be expected in all areas?

3) What are typical applications you would like to use JGSL for? And on
what platforms? Release 0.1.0 will only work on a i386 platform---I
could in principle cross-compile it for other platforms but have no way
to test it then.

I'd appreciate your comments on these points, and would appreciate it
even more if you would take the time to register on and copy your comments on JGSL's Open Discussion
forum. I have copied this post there.

Kind regards,
David Lindelöf
Station 18
1015 Lausanne
tel +41-21-693.5556
mob +41-79-415.6641
fax +41-21-693.2722
e-mail address@hidden

More people are flattered into virtue than bullied out of vice.
                -- R.S. Surtees

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