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[Help-gsl] use new gsl unsymmetric eigenvalues solver

From: Benny Bürger
Subject: [Help-gsl] use new gsl unsymmetric eigenvalues solver
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 14:34:13 +0100


I want to use the new unsymm function from gsl provided in the newest

gsl_eigen_unsymm_workspace *w = gsl_eigen_unsymm_alloc (2);
    gsl_eigen_unsymm(m_pA, eval, w);
    gsl_eigen_unsymmv_sort(eval, m_pB, GSL_EIGEN_SORT_ABS_ASC);

The program compiles without any problems or warnings, but if I try to
run the program it is aborted and a symbol lookup error is thrown:

 symbol lookup error: ./Compartment2: undefined symbol:

I linked the files with -lgsl -lgslcblas -m
If I do not use the new unsymm functions the program, with all other gsl
routines, work fine.
Do I have to set an extra flag when I compile the gsl-library?

thx for any help
Benny Bürger

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