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[Help-gsl] FFTs and views

From: lilly canelkatz
Subject: [Help-gsl] FFTs and views
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 10:50:47 -0600

I'm a newbie to gnu scientific and trying to do 2 D FFTs.
I have a 2D gsl_matrix_complex
  thiszmatrix=gsl_matrix_complex_calloc(NOROWS, NOCOLS);

which I then populate with values  (not shown here.)

I get views of the rows of this matrix
 thisrowz=gsl_matrix_complex_row(thiszmatrix , thisrownumber);
and would like to use them as input to 1-D FFTs:
   gsl_fft_complex_radix2_forward(thisrowz, 1, NOCOLS)
I can't however because
gsl_fft_complex_radix2_forward  takes a gsl_complex_packed_array as its
first argument rather than
a complex vector view. Is there an elegant way to handle this please?


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