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[Help-gsl] linear regression

From: Huddwah
Subject: [Help-gsl] linear regression
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 07:59:23 -0800


I'm looking to do a simple linear regression. Unfortunately I'm a newb (with
regard to both c++ and GSL).

All I want is to return the coefficients of a series. I have tried to work
out how to use squares fitting functions described in the manual but I'm
pretty lost!

I know when you read this you will probably scratch your head and say it's
hopeless but any comment you have for me would be appreciated :)

   double x[6] = { 1, 2.3, 3.1, 4.8,  5.6, 6.3};
   double y[6] = { 2.6, 2.8, 3.1, 4.7, 5.1, 5.3};
   //double c_0 = 0.0, c_1 = 0.0, c_00 = 0.0, cov_01 = 0.0, cov_11 = 0.0,
sum_sq = 0.0;

   double c_1[6], c_0[6], c_01[6], c_00[6], cov_01[6], cov_11[6],
   double * p = x;
   double * q = y;
   double * c0 = c_0;
   double * c01 = c_01;
   double * c00 = c_00;
   double * cov01 = cov_01;
   double * cov11 = cov_11;
   double * sumsq = sum_sq;

   int boris = gsl_fit_linear(x,6,y,6,6, c0, c01, c00, cov01, cov11,

   printf("linear: %.18e\n",boris);
   printf("c0: %.18e\n",c0);
   printf("c01: %.18e\n",c01);
   printf("c00: %.18e\n",c00);
   printf("cov01: %.18e\n",cov01);
   printf("cov11: %.18e\n",cov11);
   printf("sumsq: %.18e\n",sumsq);

// "boris" is just a random word I used because I have no idea what this
function is supposed to return.

I am asuming that c0 to cov11 are the coefficients and that pointers are
passed to the functions so that the function can update the values of these

The output is this:

linear: 5.283463952109629100e-308
c0: 5.283463954375817300e-308
c01: 5.283463954375769800e-308
c00: 5.283463954375722400e-308
cov01: 5.283463954375675000e-308
cov11: 5.283463954375627600e-308
sumsq: 5.283463954375580100e-308

ok, so now that I have given you a good laugh, any pointers would be
appreciated!! :)

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