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[Help-gsl] compiling gsl-1.8 with a 64-bit configuration

From: Nassim Jibai
Subject: [Help-gsl] compiling gsl-1.8 with a 64-bit configuration
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 16:34:11 +0300
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    This is Nassim, system administrator at the Center for Advanced Mathematical
   Sciences at the American University of Beitut.

   I am currently installing gsl-1.8 on our IBM cluster with an AIX-5.1
   operating system.

   How can I configure the gsl library to compile as a 64-bit library?

   I tried the following and everytime I execute the make command it crashes.

   % CC="xlc" CFLAGS="-q64" ./configure
   % make

   % CC="xlc_r" CFLAGS="-q64" ./configure
   % make

   % CFLAGS="-q64" ./configure
   % make

Thank you for any help in advance.
Nassim Jibai
System Administrator
American University of Beirut
Center for Advanced Mathematical Science
room 424
email: address@hidden
Phone: +961 1 350000 x 4397
       +961 1 374374

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