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[Help-gsl] Additional parameters in Non-linear least-squares fitting?

Subject: [Help-gsl] Additional parameters in Non-linear least-squares fitting?
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2006 13:14:14 -0400

I need to pass additional parameters to the functions used by the N-L L-S 
fitting routines.  The functions I want to fit may have 6 parameters but I want 
to vary only 3 during the fit.  I tried defining a longer vector of 'best 
guess' parameters (length 6) but setting the number of parameters to vary to 3. 
 The internal routines, however, check the length of the vector and give a run 
time error.
Three solutions are possible: hard coding the extra parameters into the code 
for the user-supplied functions, putting initialization code into the 
functions, or changing the gsl code.  None of these are preferred solutions for 
Is there a way around this within gsl?
Ken McFarlane
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