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Re: [Help-gsl] ERROR: fscanf failed

From: Hélio Guilherme
Subject: Re: [Help-gsl] ERROR: fscanf failed
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 20:56:23 +0100
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Fred J. wrote:
> Hi
> I am getting this error "ERROR: fscanf failed" upon running the c++ program 
> below, the docs says "The function returns 0 for success and GSL_EFAILED if 
> there was a problem reading from the file."
> in this case it is returning neither, rather somthing totally different.
> thanks for helping

Here is my contribute to help you (although I don't know much C++ and
not a GSL expert). I also read your other posts here.

I read your C++ program and looks fine. But I have some questions:
- - is the C++ type string fully compatible with char * ?
- - are you sure about the path of the file? (would C++ throw an exception
if fopen fail?) I would go for a file in the same directory of the
executable. You file path seems too long, I would check that.

A basic library is the stdio.h, do you know if you have Linux
Programmer's Manual installed, that you can do:
$ man stdio
$ man fopen
That way you have the help for C language essential functions.

I recommend to study the gsl_matrix_fscanf (f, m) function, I'm sure
that you will understand how it is working.

Good luck.
> void read_data::matrix_the_file(){
>    // allocate memory for the matrix
>    // needs to be freed later using
>    // void gsl_matrix_free (gsl_matrix * m)
>    m = gsl_matrix_alloc (nRows, nCol);
>    FILE * f = fopen(file_name.c_str(), "rb");
>    gsl_matrix_fscanf (f, m);
>    fclose(f);
>    cout << "data read" << endl;
> }

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