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[Help-gsl] thanks Ralph

From: Ronald Haynes
Subject: [Help-gsl] thanks Ralph
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 19:17:55 -0300

Hi Ralph, thanks for the reply.  Here is some more info, I have spline objects 
defined globally since I need access to them in a bunch of routines.  The 
actual data used to define the spline changes in a big look in the code, so it 
looks like:

define some splines  // global definitions
      for a bunch of times
            create t, y
            compute spline coefficients
            call some routines
      end for
end main

routine #1 gsl_interp_eval

routine #2 gsl_interp_eval

The code is not doing exactly what I expect, no compile errors or run-time 
errors just that the numbers aren't quite right.    If I create the splines as 
globals and then free them and recreate them (inside main would be the only 
way) it doesn't seem to like that.

Any suggestions or an example would be great.

Dr. R. D. Haynes
Assistant Professor
Mathematics and Statistics
Acadia University
Wolfville, N.S. B4P2R6

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